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Juki MO-3000QVP Air-Thread Serger



Serge like a pro with the Juki Akane MO-3000QVP 2/3/4 thread serger. This serger includes new features for easy threading and tension adjustments. Using air to thread the loopers and an automatic needle threader, setting the machine up for serging is quick and effortless. The MO-3000QVP also includes a thread cutter on the bed of the machine, so you don’t have reach for snips. This serger excels at finishing curves, as it has the industry’s smallest distance from needle to knife and includes a curve foot. Knee-lifter, multi-function foot control, and LCD Screen round out the top, unique features of the all-new Juki MO-3000QVP.
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The Juki MO-3000QVP Air-Thread Serger is equipped with features that take your serging to another level of ease and efficiency! Enjoy threading threading this serger with a powerful burst of air, the automatic thread supply for tension-free serging, a chain-off thread cutter, and micro-lifter for different thicknesses of projects.


Juki MO-3000QVP LCD Screen
LCD Screen

The settings of the maximum sewing speed, automatic chain-off thread cutting length, color temperature of the LED lights, and the operation of the serger when operated with the foot switch can be changed with ease by means of the LCD screen and operation buttons.

2.6 inch throat area
Wide Throat Area

The Juki MO-3000QVP throat is 2.6″ in height, making the needle area much more roomy than typical sergers, greatly improving the usability.

Light Control function with the Juki MO-3000QVP
Brightly Lit Workspace

With LED lights mounted in two spots above the needle, the workspace is illuminated with long-life and energy-efficient lighting that does not heat up even with prolonged use. The lighting can also be controlled to give soft white or daylight color, eliminating viewing
difficulties caused by the combination of certain fabric and thread colors.

Juki MO-3000QVP needle threader
Needle Threader

Even for the needle thread, serger users may want quick threading. With the automatic needle threader, threading is a breeze.

Juki MO-3000QVP loopers thread with air
Looper Threader

Using the easy threader feature, easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper hole with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function makes it fast and easy when threading the upper and lower loopers.

Magnetic tray to hold extra needles
Magnetic Needle Tray

This conveniently placed tray is their to hold a needle when switching from 2-needle to 1-needle stitching, or when changing needles altogether.

Juki MO-3000QVP comes with Automatic Thread Supply to replace tension control
Automatic Thread-Supply

Beautifully sew various stitch types (such as overcasting, 3-thread narrow edge, and rolled hems) simply by turning the stitch selector knob. Automatic Thread Supply instantly sets the thread tension for all threads whenever a stitch is selected.

Chain Off Thread Cutter on the Juki MO-3000QVP
Chain-Off Thread Cutter

Chain-off thread can be cut without using a pair of scissors. In addition to the manual cutting of chain-off thread with the handy cut button or the foot switch, automatic cutting is also possible by setting the chain-off thread length.

2 - 3 thread changeover
2/3 Thread Conversion

The Juki MO-3000QVP can be switched quickly from 2 to 3 thread stitch types by simply pushing the thread changeover attachment to the left.

Micro Lifter

Juki MO3000 microLifter
Juki MO3000 microLifter distance
Juki MO3000 microLiftSample

The Juki MO-3000QVP includes a new Micro Lifter for the presser foot, so that you can sew with the presser foot lifted up to 2.5mm. Elastic materials and delicate materials can be sewn beautifully with this function.

In the sample above, the fabric to the left was stitched with this functionality, and fabric to the right was not.

MO-3000QVP includes a knee lifter
Knee Lifter

Control the presser foot with the knee-lifter, to keep both hands on your sewing project at all times. The included knee lifter can raise the presser foot to a maximum height of 6mm. (The maximum height of the presser foot with the hand lifter is 8 mm.)

Multi-Function foot control for the Juki MO-3000QVP
Multi-Function Foot Control

With the ability to assign a function to the heel side of the foot controller, you can carry out half-stitch, low-speed stitch or chain-off thread cutting by depressing the heel side of the foot controller.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 12.25 in


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