The Perfect Thread Storage Solution

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by Terry Maffitt

Keep your favorite threads in a sturdy, easy to carry box! Each box holds up to 30 cones of thread with locking drawers. You can even remove the spindle tray. Let’s say you are going to class and want to place thread in the top tray and notions in the bottom. Easy, just purchase a package of 4 dividers.

Protect your threads from dust and easily transport the boxes you need to class. I now own 8 of the RNK thread carrier boxes and 4 are on order. All of my embroidery threads will be converted to these thread boxes and give me far more visibility and access. Just think of the convenience of being able to locate the exact color of thread you need for a project.

Thread Storage Box

Storage Box Separators

I must confess, I’m a hunter gatherer. I am sure my Mom would pass out if she saw my closets or sewing room. There are just so many beautiful thread choices that make a project sparkle and shine. Look at the selection of Floriani thread that Moore’s sells. I just purchased a 120 thread Spectrum collection to add to my Top 100 Collection. I also own the 12- weight Thread Collection for my Serger. Best of all you don’t have to worry because Floriani threads are Polyester and Colorfast.

Floriani Spectrum 120 Thread Set with Rainbow Software

Floriani 12 Weight Thread Set

Watch my video to see how frustrating it can become if you don’t have an easy way to store your threads. Once you try these thread boxes you will be astonished by how versatile they are for storage and transport! Join me, Terry Maffitt, on my YouTube Channel here, or my Facebook Group, Just Stitchin with the Brother Luminaire.

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  1. I need / want these RNK thread storage boxes! I’ll check with my dealer in Tucson (Cathey’s Sew and Vac where George Moore awed me during tech party!) If Donny doesn’t have the RNK boxes, I’ll order from Moore’s IF the postage is reasonable. Loved your video! I’m a transplanted southern belle and I’m sure I heard a southern accent 😊

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