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Baby Lock Chorus Quilting and Sewing Machine – NEW

Special Pricing Available Now

Quilt Show classroom models available! Call 1-800-865-9664

This machine is truly amazing!

The Baby Lock Chorus sets the stage for your stunningly creative crafts by providing features that will have you in perfect harmony with your machine! Take you sewing to a whole new level of fun with features like:

    • the Sensor Pen that helps you place stitches exactly where you want them;
    • a laser beam that lights your sewing path;
    • the Digital Dual Feed System that lets you tackle the loftiest fabrics and many layers;
    • included Extension Table to support your larger projects as you sew;
    • and the Multi-Function Foot Control to perform many common functions of the machine with your foot.

Baby Lock Chorus Bundle

Baby Lock Chorus bundle for Valentine's Sale
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Baby Lock 60-Day Love of Knowledge Subscription


Baby Lock Chorus Quiltig and Sewing Machine

Baby Lock Chorus lifestyle imageThe Baby Lock Chorus Quiltig and Sewing Machine answers the needs of the quilting and sewing enthusiasts with solid UN-matched performance and innovative ease of use. From the sewing space, 11.25′ to the right of the needle to the new and improved digital dual feed, The Baby lock Chorus will bring more joy to your sewing and quilting projects. The Chorus sewing and quilting machine comes complete with features that help make every one of your quilts perfect. Plus, technology that creates a smart and efficient creative process that brings it all together.

Key Features

BL Chorus sensor pen helps point your stitches into the right spotSensor Pen for Sewing

Use the Sensor Pen to tell your machine exactly where you want your needle and stitches positioned. You can use the pen to designate stitch width, placement, and a stopping point on your fabric.

Chorus laser guide helps you stitch a perfectly straight lineGuide Beam for Sewing

Pave your stitching path with a beam of light. The Guide Beam makes continuous stitching easy to keep straight.

The Digital Dual Feed system with the Chorus allows the machine to handle all types and thicknesses of fabricCompact Digital Dual-Feed System

With the new Compact Digital Dual-Feed System you will have 7.0 mm clearance for stitching on multiple layers or high loft fabrics. A total of 36 utility and decorative stitches can now be used with this foot.

Use the multi-functional foot control to keep your hands on your project as much as possibleMulti-Function Foot Control

Start and stop your sewing with the main foot control and perform two convenient functions with the heel tap feature and side pedal. You can program the functions for this accessory through your machine.

Chorus extension table includedQuilting Extension Table

Expand your workspace with the included quilting extension table. It securely fits on your Baby Lock Chorus Quiltig and Sewing Machine, so you maintain a smooth quilting surface.

Baby Lock Chorus with a generous throat spaceLarge Throat Space

Comfortably quilt with the Chorus’s large throat space. 11.25′′ to the right of the needle leaves room for thick projects and bigger quilts.

There are 771 stitches on the Chorus771 Built-n Stitches

With 771 built-in stitches, you’ll have many creative options. From numerous utility stitches to decorative ones, you’ll find something for every project.

Chorus needle threaderNeverMiss™ Automatic Needle Threader

The NeverMiss Automatic Needle Threader does exactly what it promises. It’s never been this fast or easy – the Chorus threads your needle with little more than the push of a button.

lifestyle image featuring Baby Lock Chorus and a quilt

Added Convenience

Baby Lock Chorus is packed with convenience features
  • Convenient one-touch buttons for:
    • Start/stop
    • Reverse sewing
    • Reinforcement stitch
    • Needle up/down position
    • Thread cutter
    • Automatic presser foot lift
    • NeverMiss™ Auto threading
    • Pivot setting
  • Large color touch screen
  • Quick-set bobbin winder
  • Needle plate with scale in inches and centimeters
  • Additional seam markings on bobbin cover for needle position preference
  • Free arm
  • Two accessory storage compartments

Included Accessories

With all the accessories included with the Baby Lock Chorus quilting machine, you’ll be stitching right out of the box!

Baby Lock Chorus accessories

  • Sensor pen and holder
  • Touch pen (stylus)
  • 13 Feet:
    • Compact Digital Dual-Feed System
    • 1/4” Quilting foot with a guide
    • Buttonhole
    • Overcasting
    • Monogramming
    • Zipper
    • Zigzag
    • Blind stitch
    • Button fitting
    • Free-motion quilting
    • Free-motion open toe quilting
    • Free-motion echo quilting
    • Straight stitch foot
  • Knee lift
  • Multi-Function Foot Control
  • 2-thread spool stand
  • Specialty bobbin case for bobbin work
  • Cord guide bobbin cover
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Twin needle
  • Bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Twin needle
  • Extension table
  • 60-Day Trial of Online Sewing Classes

Guide Classes

Free guide classes, with purchase, are included at all Moore’s SoCal locations. Click here to see upcoming classes

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs


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