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Janome Continental M7 Professional Sewing and Quilting Machine **Classroom Model**

This product is discontinued. Please see the new Janome Continental M6.


Look back through Janome’s interesting 100-year history here.

The Janome Continental M7 Professional has shocked the industry with technology and performance that until now, could only be found in industrial products. Its large 13.5″ x 5.51″ opening offers ample room for even the largest quilts. The new Acufeed Flex Plus, dual-feed system can sew anything from denim to silks with ease. Plus, it comes with a wide array of accessories to meet the needs of even the most demanding sewing and quilting enthusiast.

Want embroidery? Introducing the new Janome Continental M17 sewing and embroidery machine. All the features of the M7 with so much more including embroidery.


Janome Continental M7 Professional is the ultimate sewing and quilting machine!

Janome Continental M7

The Janome Continental M7 answers your need for more room! It has a large 13.5” seamless all-metal flatbed sewing surface and this will allow you to spend more time sewing and less time clipping, rolling and re-arranging your projects to fit inside a tiny sewing space.

Janome Continental M7

No need to “stuff” your King size quilts into a cramped sewing area, as you now have 5.51” of height between the body of the machine and the sewing bed. Plus, add in the 3.15” space in the needle area and the Continental M7 gives you the largest workspace of any household-use sewing machine. Janome Continental M7Add the extra wide extension table, 26.77” x 15.75”, and you have even more workspace.

Janome Continental M7

The Extra-Wide table, with a built-in accessory storage drawer, gives support for free motion quilting and other large projects.

The Janome Continental M7 is engineered to give you the best sewing and quilting experience.

Janome Continental M7

  1. Using the large, HD 7” touchscreen is like working on your favorite tablet. Bright white LED lighting illuminates your sewing space with shadow-free coverage. Enhance your view with the readily detachable AcuView™ magnifier.
  2. The Janome Continental M7’s easy convenience features let you get more out of your sewing time. The most popular functions are perfectly placed for effortless access.
  3. Threading couldn’t be easier with the Janome Continental M7.  Set your thread, push the lever on the left side, release and sew! Its advanced design feeds the thread through the eye of the needle with precise accuracy every time.  The streamlined machine head provides excellent visibility around the needle area.
  4. The tactile exterior dials often preferred by active sewists include multi-function rotary encoder dials for stitch width, length, and additional functions.

Janome Continental M7 Meets Your Need for Speed and Strength

Janome Continental M7

The M7 has the industry’s first DC brushless motor. This gives you the ability to enjoy 1,300 stitches per minute and makes the Continental M7 the fastest top-loading machine available!

Janome Continental M7

An industry first, this DC motor provides you with powerful penetration and needle force. Now you can tackle heavyweight home decor fabrics like canvas with ease! And with the full metal frame and Janome’s high standards for vibration suppression and you can be assured of a pleasurable and smooth high-performance sewing experience.

Janome Continental M7

The Janome Continental M7 has an extensive and generous package of all the necessities and with 400 stitches including 52 hand-style stitches, to choose from, your creativity will not be limited.

Janome Continental M7

Choose from an amazing array of 23 standard feet and 32 additional sewing accessories.

Computerized One-Touch Needle Plate Conversion

No screws or tools are necessary to change the needle plate. Just simply push the on-screen button to release the plate and place a new one in place. The M7 will automatically retract the new plate into place using a patented magnetic system. Plus, the M7 comes with three standard needle plates: zigzag, straight stitch, and the Professional Grade HP plate.

Janome Continental M7

The Janome Continental M7 incorporates the new SFS-I intelligent feed system. This system is designed to keep the feed dogs down and out of the way and allows you to easily position your fabric where you want it to be. Start sewing and the feed dogs come up and perfectly grab the fabric.

Janome Continental M7 provides superior fabric control

AcuFeed™ Flex Plus is an integrated system that perfectly guides your fabric from the top and bottom. This is perfect for quilts, plaids and any sewing that requires precise control. Now improved with an independent motor that controls the Accufeed Flex Plus system. This gives you even better fabric control!

The Acufeed Flex Plus system can sew even fake fur with ease. This is an exclusive on the Janome Continental M7 Professional machine.

The Continental M7 includes the Acufeed H2 foot. This foot, in combination with the HP plate, give you the tools to combat the most extreme fabric.

Janome Continental M7 Sewing Applications

The built-in Sewing Applications mode has always been a great time-saver. It will automatically set up the machine and give recommendations for the task at hand. Choose from many applications including patchwork, ruler-work applique, hand-stitch and much more. Now the Janome Continental M7 takes this to the next level with additional functions like inserting a zipper into a small bag, Heirloom techniques, and settings for optional accessories like the Ultra Glide foot.

Quilt Block Advisor

Not sure how to cut your log cabin strips for a 10” block? Let the Janome Continental M7 Quilt Block Advisor do the work for you. Input the number of rows/size of work for traditional quilt patterns like Nine Patch, Log Cabin, Baby Blocks and more. The Quilt Block Advisor will help you break down each section and provide you with the cutting size of pieces including seam allowance.

Janome Continental M7Helping you do more the Janome Continental M7 can be used with Acuspark. Need a little inspiration to spark your imagination and get the most out of all of those sewing machine features? AcuSpark is just a scan away! The exclusive Janome app will provide you with tutorials, how-to videos and more by simply using your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on the screen. No matter what application you are working on, help is just a scan away.



Janome Continental M7 Specifications

Janome Continental M7


Free guide classes included with purchase at all Moore’s SoCal locations. Click here for more information.



Janome celebrated 100 years of manufacturing in 2021. Vist their commemorative site to view the history of this amazing manufacturer of quality sewing machines.


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